IS Black Hat SEO Ethical?

Black hat SEO technique is a method to do SEO in a way which is different to search engines’ guidelines. This is done to get high search engine rank not in a conventional way.

What is the different between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO technique is a pure way of SEO, which strictly follow the search engines’ guide lines and usually mentioned as ethical way of SEO.

Is Black Hat SEO ethical?

Yes, we can do Black Hat SEO in ethical manner. It all depends on the methods using for SEO by the practitioner. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish white hat from black hat and the most of the methods which are called as black hat are admissible by search engines.

Back link generations commonly come under black hat techniques, but still it is legitimate and has high impact on search engine for long term.

SEO hosting is the best way to generate back links from different C Class IPs .It is important to maintain the quality of the blogs hosting in different dedicated C Class IPs. Generating back links from different dedicated C Classes will give high visibility for your website in search engines.

Some of the good black hat methods which can follow are

  • Blog posting

Post relevant and useful comments in high quality blogs with your website back links. Do not spam in others blog and comment which are relevant and related to that blog.

  • Directory Submission

Submit your websites in high page rank directories which are related your website. If you are dealing with furniture, do not post in medical related directories.

  • Related Domain Registration

It is highly effective to build a website related your business and generate back links from them to yours. You should host those domains and in different dedicated C Class IPs instead of same C Class to generate links.

  • Cloaking

Cloaking is another black hat method in which the content presented for the search engines are different from that for the users.

For example if you have animation in your website for the users, the search engine will be served with HTML text only version . Another method is inserting text or HTML in a webpage when the page is crawled only by search engines.

The later method should be avoided and follow only the first method in content optimized way to get good impact in search engine


Importance of Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks have always important role to improve your website visibility and page rank in search engine and still one of the key technique in SEO .

What are Backlinks

Backlinks are the hyperlinks from one website to your website or the inbound links (IBL’s) from one website to another website. Backlinks have significant role to determine the website ranking in search engines .The number of backlinks indicate the website popularity and the measurement of how interesting your webpages to others .

The good quality backlinks give more hype to your website in search engine. The quality of the backlinks depends on the relevance of your content, the page rank and quality of website liking to your website.

The sites linking to your website should have the following quality

  • Good Page rank -It is highly important to get backlink from high PR website. Search engine crawlers always check the page rank of the website linked to you and if the page rank is high , your website will perform well in Search Engine Results page (SERP) ranking
  • Good content quality-Content quality is the another factor which value the quality of bakclink. Getting backlink from high quality content will also perform well in SERP.
  • It is also important to get backlink from the website having similar topic as that of yours.If your site is dealing with a cake shop and getting backlink from a construction material site may not be good.
  • It is important to get back links from the content area of the webpage itself(in content) , which gives the impression that the author of the webpage consider your website is an important one.
  • Another important factor to take care is the Anchor text. Anchor text are the text shown in the link or the link text shown in clickable hyperlink. The Anchor text and the content of your website congruency is important factor. The anchor text should be much related to the content of your webpage and which will give hype in Search Engine Results page (SERP) ranking.

Importance of SEO Hosting in backlink generation

Getting backlinks from different IP and locations are highly important and this will give high search engine value for your website. If you generate backlinks from same IP or C Class , the search engine consider it as manipulated link and will badly affect your SERP.

The back links from different dedicated c class IPs will give more hype in SERP and if you generate good quality content blogs in different dedicated c class ips and give backlinks to your website , your website will be top in search engines.



IP Address – IPV4 and IPV6

IP(Internet Protocol) Address

An IP Address is a unique identifier for the devices connected on a TCP/IP network. These unique addresses are numerical labels and each device such as computers, printers etc. connected to the IP network must have an unique IP address.

IPV4 and IPV6

There are two versions or standards for IP addresses they are IP Version 4(IPV4) and IP Version 6(IPV6). IPV4 standard is the most common and using all networks and IPV6 is newly introduced in most of the systems.

IPV6 is introduced to expand the addressing capability of internet because of the rapid consumption of IPV4.

IPv4 addresses consist of four bytes (32 bits), while IPv6 addresses are 16 bytes (128 bits) long.


Classful IP Addressing

When IP was standardized in 1981 the 32 IPV4 was divided in to network address and host number . The first part of an Internet address identifies the network on which the hosts resided, while the second part identifies the particular host in the given network.

But later to provide flexibility to support networks of different sizes the Internet designers decided that the IP address space should be divided into to Classes. It is called classful addressing scheme.

IP address Classes

There are five classes in the classful systems they are Class A, Class B, Class C , Class D and Class E . In this Class A to C are considered as Primary Address Classes. Each Classes fixes the boundary between the network address and the host number at a different point within the 32 bit address. For each, A, B, and C has network size equivalent to 8 bit, 16 bit or 24 bit. An address was slotted into one of three address classes based on its high-order bits.

Class A Networks (/8 Prefixes)

Addresses beginning with 0 were considered class A . The network number for this class is given by the next 7 bits, therefore accommodating 128 networks in total.

Class B Networks (/16 Prefixes)

In Class B addresses beginning with 10 that is two significant bits .For these networks, the network address was given by the next 14 bits of the address, thus leaving 16 bits for numbering host on the network for a total of 65536 addresses per network.

Class C Networks (/24 Prefixes)

The addresses beginning with 110 are class C and the next 21 bits to number the networks, leaving each network with 256 local addresses.

Class D Networks

Two other classes were also defined Class D addresses have their leading four bits set to 1-1-1-0 and are used to support IP Multicasting.

Class E Networks

Class E addresses have their leading four bits set to 1-1-1-1 and are reserved for experimental use.

First octet Address Class
0-127 Class A
128-191 Class B
192-223 Class C
224-239 Class D
240-255 Class E

SEO Hosting and Its Importance

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the techniques applied to a website to allow the website to achieve good rank or appear top in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) of Google, Yahoo, MSN along with many others and thus attract more visitors.

SEO Graph

 SEO Hosting or IP Hosting

To achieve good rank or appear top in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) SEO alone is insufficient. Combining a winning hosting solution along with strategic search engine optimization is the best way to achieve the goal.

IP hosting, commonly known as SEO hosting, is the method in which hosting your sites in different A , B or C Class IPs with different name servers. It is important to have unique name servers and IP for each of your websites otherwise the search engine will identify all website belong to same owner. Number of inbound links to a particular website will definitely perform well in Search Engine Results Page. This is known as Link Popularity. The more the inbound link to your website, it will make the feel to the search engine that your website is good in quality and hence increase the page ranking of your website. Many websites especially Google gives high priority to the website that has high link popularity. Because of that increase link popularity is an important activity of SEO webmasters.

Please find our US and Europe C Class IP hosting packages. All SEO  Hosting package includes cPanel/WHM and all US C Class IPs are fully dedicated. It is quick and easy for clients to assign and change IPs using their control panel .We provide private name servers for each domain in our IP hosting plan.